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Am I covered if the renter decides not to return the item?

You may need to contact your local authorities to retrieve items.

  1. Full Replacement Cost: If a renter doesn’t return the item, they are obligated to pay the complete replacement cost of the item as stated in our Terms of Service. This means the owner should be reimbursed for the full value of the item directly from the renter.
  2. Platform Intervention: In situations where a renter is uncooperative or there are delays in payments, owners can initiate a claim process through Hub Split. Our dedicated team will then step in to review the situation and facilitate the necessary actions. This means we are willing to work with local authorities to help resolved the issue.
  3. Recommendation: For added protection, it’s advisable for owners to document the condition of their items before lending them out. Clear photographs and descriptions can provide evidence in case of disputes.
  4. The owners guarantee is a guarantee that Hub Split will cooperate with local authorities in your recovery attempt for a reasonable amount of time.

While Hub Split strives to foster a trustworthy community, it’s crucial for owners to be informed about their rights and the measures in place to protect their property. Always review the Terms of Service thoroughly to understand the full scope of protections and obligations.

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