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Leaving a Review on Hub Split

Feedback is invaluable in ensuring that the Hub Split community remains trustworthy and reliable. If you’ve had a positive or negative experience, it’s essential to share it so that others can make informed decisions. Here’s how to leave a review:

  1. Time Frame: You can leave a review 24 hours after the completion of your rental. This is true for both renters and owners.
  2. Link: You’ll receive a link to submit your review. Remember, this link will only be active for 10 days after being sent, so it’s best to leave feedback promptly.
  3. Content Guidelines: While we encourage honest feedback, we ask all users to remain respectful and constructive in their reviews. Adhering to our Terms and Conditions, we do not allow:
    • False statements or claims.
    • Abusive, aggressive, or threatening remarks.
    • Discriminatory comments.
    • Any content that might harass, upset, embarrass, or offend others.
  4. Review Amendments: To maintain the transparency and credibility of reviews on Hub Split, we don’t typically alter reviews. However, if there’s a legitimate concern or a breach of our guidelines, we’re here to help.
  5. Disputing a Review: If you believe a review left for you violates our Terms and Conditions or is unfairly damaging, reach out to us. You can contact the Resolutions Team at [email protected] to discuss any concerns about reviews.

Remember, the primary goal of reviews is to help the community make better decisions and ensure positive experiences for all users. By leaving honest, constructive feedback, you’re contributing to a more transparent and reliable platform for everyone.

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