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Renters’ Responsibilities on

When you rent an item on Hub Split, it’s essential to understand your obligations and liabilities:

  1. Liability for Damages or Loss: As a renter, you are wholly accountable for any damage or loss inflicted upon the rented item. It’s crucial to ensure you have sufficient funds to either repair or replace the item should it not be returned in its original state.
  2. Possession Responsibilities: From the moment you receive the rented item to the time it’s returned, you bear full responsibility for its well-being. Whether it’s theft, misplacement, damage, or even confiscation, you’ll be held responsible for resolving the situation and covering any related costs.
  3. Insurance Options: While Hub Split doesn’t mandate renters to have insurance, if you’d like added peace of mind, you are encouraged to procure your own insurance coverage for the items you rent.

Always handle rented items with utmost care and treat them as you would your own belongings.

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