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Avoiding fraud, scams, and abuse

We’re committed to maintaining the integrity of Hubsplit’s platform and proactively address potential fraud, scams, and abuse. Here’s what we allow and prohibit:

Permitted Activities:

  • Limited Off-Site Payments: With prior approval from Hubsplit, specific off-site payments are allowed. Guests should be informed before booking. This may encompass local taxes, security deposits, fees for additional services like pets, parking, Wi-Fi, and more.

Prohibited Activities:

  • Extortion: Neither Hosts nor guests can use threats to achieve a desired outcome, such as payments or reviews.
  • Off-Platform Interactions: All communications, exchanges of personal details, and transactions should occur within Hubsplit’s platform. Avoiding our platform for any part of a transaction is not allowed.
  • Misusing Coupons and Referrals: Attempting to exploit Hubsplit’s coupon and referral schemes is not allowed.
  • False Chargebacks: Making deceitful chargeback claims to secure refunds is strictly prohibited.

Users found violating these rules may face penalties or removal from the platform.

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