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Collecting fees outside Hubsplit

Primarily, Hosts are restricted from levying any additional fees outside of our platform, unless they have been granted explicit permission by Hubsplit. Notably, we do have off-platform plans which permit fee collection outside of our interface.

However, hotels and Hosts integrated via software possess the latitude to impose and gather specific fees via distinct payment avenues. The conditions being that these fees must be both enumerated in the listing description and incorporated in the cost breakdown pre-booking. Permissible fees encompass:

  • Resort Fee: Levied for amenities such as pools, gyms, or Wi-Fi access.
  • Security Deposit: A returnable amount held against potential damages during the guest’s stay.
  • Cleaning Fee: A one-off charge for post-stay cleaning services.
  • Incidentals: Charges for services like valet parking, general parking, or airport shuttle services.

Typically, Hosts procure these fees prior to the stay, upon check-in, or within a 48-hour window post-checkout.

Pet Fees Update: For listings that accommodate pets, fees will now be transparently displayed in the initial pricing. However, these do not apply to guests with service animals. Our service animals policy offers a detailed overview.

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