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Being a great neighbor

Hubsplit Respect and Community Conduct Policy

Preamble: Mutual respect is paramount. It is incumbent upon all Hubsplit members to respect both the immediate Hubsplit community and the larger surrounding community. This involves refraining from actions that could disturb neighbors or cause discomfort, such as disruptive events, excessive noise, or other bothersome conduct.

I. Permissible Activities:

  • Host-Guided Protocols: We advocate for Hosts to lucidly articulate their expectations in their house rules, listing delineations, and Hubsplit communication threads. While Hubsplit establishes a foundational standard, Hosts are urged to integrate additional information tailored to their locality.
  • Professional Hospitality Events: Exclusively professional hospitality establishments, like hotels or B&Bs, are permitted to conduct sizable events. These events must ensure they do not perturb the adjacent community or spawn any community nuisances.

II. Prohibited Activities:

  • Disruptive Gatherings: Any gathering jeopardizing the safety or tranquility of the neighboring community is strictly forbidden, irrespective of its magnitude. Further elucidation on this policy, including specifics about banned disruptive parties, can be found in our community disturbance guidelines.
  • Party-Centric Listings: Except within the professional hospitality context, Hosts must abstain from promoting or authorizing disruptive gatherings, parties, or events within their listings or any related communications.
  • Community Disturbances: Actions that distress neighbors, such as unwarranted smoking near residences, littering, loud noise generation, or impeding neighborly access to homes, are expressly prohibited.

III. Assistance Protocol:

In situations where you or another individual feels endangered or uncomfortable, prioritize reaching out to the local law enforcement. Moreover, if you observe or undergo any actions in contravention to our policies, please report the matter via our designated contact page.

Respect must extend beyond the Hubsplit community to those around us. That respect includes avoiding disturbing neighbors with disruptive gatherings, noise, or other agitating behaviors and actions.

What we do allow

  • Host-designed rules: We encourage Hosts to clearly explain the expectations they have of their guests in their house rules, listing descriptions, and through Hubsplit message threads. Hubsplit sets minimum standards, but Hosts should consider including additional information or guidelines customized to their neighborhood.
  • Professional hospitality events: Only professional hospitality businesses such as hotels or bed and breakfasts may offer large scale events, provided they do not disturb the surrounding community or otherwise create a community nuisance.

What we don’t allow

  • Disruptive gatherings: Gatherings that threaten the safety of or disturb the surrounding community are not allowed, regardless of size. Learn more about our community disturbance rules, including our rules against disruptive parties and events.
  • “Party house” listings: Unless hosting as part of a professional hospitality business, Hosts should not encourage or otherwise permit disruptive gatherings, parties, or events in their listing descriptions or elsewhere.
  • Community nuisances: Disruptive behavior and actions including excessive smoking around neighbors or smoking in areas where smoking is prohibited, littering, making excessive noise, or obstructing a neighbor’s access to their homes aren’t allowed.

We’re here to help

If you or someone else feels threatened or unsafe, please first contact local law enforcement authorities for assistance. Additionally, if you witness or experience behavior that goes against our policies, please let us know on our contact page.

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