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Community Disturbance Policy

Preamble: Hubsplit values harmony within local communities. Every user’s obligation is to maintain decorum and avoid actions that might disturb neighbors or the surrounding community. This policy outlines prohibited behaviors, specifically focusing on gatherings and other potential disturbances during stays or Experiences.

I. Prohibited Gatherings and Events:

  • All disruptive gatherings, irrespective of size, are forbidden.
    • The following are expressly prohibited:
      • Events that cause disturbance.
      • Gatherings without controlled invites.
      • Nuisances to the local community, which encompass:
        • Loud noises.
        • Excessive foot traffic.
        • Overabundant waste or litter.
        • Smoking disturbances.
        • Parking issues.
        • Trespassing.
        • Acts of vandalism.
      • Marketing listings as conducive to parties or events.

II. Intervention for Unauthorized Parties:

  • Hubsplit staunchly supports responsible travel. We have consistently prioritized minimizing unauthorized gatherings at Hubsplit venues. For such purposes, we may proactively impede reservations deemed high-risk for unwanted parties.

III. Consequences for Policy Breaches:

  • We entreat our user community to collaborate in preventing nuisances and disruptive events. Non-compliance can result in Hubsplit taking various actions, including but not limited to:
    • Suspending or eliminating a guest, host, or listing from the Hubsplit platform.
    • Temporary suspension of listings advertised as party-friendly until the contentious content is redacted.
    • Mandating Hosts to expressly state the prohibition of parties and events in their listing.
    • Adjusting the maximum occupancy for listings to prevent potential disturbances.
    • In exceptional circumstances, if a listing primarily serves parties or recurrently disrupts a locale, it may be irrevocably delisted from Hubsplit.

IV. Reporting Mechanism:

  • If any Hubsplit listing or Experience is perceived as a source of community disturbance, local residents are encouraged to notify us via our designated contact page. This portal allows for immediate communication with our Neighborhood Support team, particularly for reporting ongoing disturbances. Post-report, a confirmatory email will elucidate subsequent steps. For immediate emergencies, local emergency service links will be provided.
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