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Ground rules for guests

Every member of the Hubsplit community must adhere to our overarching Community Standards and Health & Safety Requirements. Furthermore, when acting as a guest, the following obligations must be met:

  1. Respect for Host Property:
    • Cleanliness: A guest must ensure that the premises are not left in a condition requiring more than regular cleaning. Fees charged by hosts cater to routine cleaning services only.
    • Waste Management: Proper disposal in the assigned bins is mandatory, avoiding an undue amount of waste.
    • Property Damage: Any damage surpassing usual wear and tear should be promptly reported. Guests are liable for compensations associated with damages or unforeseen cleaning expenses. Refer to our Damage Compensation Protocol for more information.
  2. Obligations to the Host’s Stipulations:
    • Guest Limit: Adherence to the permitted number of guests is mandatory. Any ambiguity should be clarified with the host, and disruptive congregations are strictly prohibited. For further clarification, consult our Community Disturbance Policy.
    • Timeframes: It’s imperative to observe the designated check-in and checkout intervals. Any deviations require prior approval. Personal items must not be left post-checkout without the Host’s consent.
    • Smoking Restrictions: Smoking, inclusive of tobacco, cannabis, and e-cigarettes, is permitted only if explicitly allowed by the Host.
    • Animal Constraints: Bringing animals to a “no pets” designated space is prohibited. All pets should be declared to the Host. Service animals, however, are exempted. For comprehensive details, view our Service Animal Accessibility Policy.
    • Noise Control: Guests are mandated to comply with stipulated quiet hours, avoiding any disturbances to the immediate environment.
    • Commercial Media: Engaging in commercial filming or photography necessitates prior documented consent from the Host.
  3. Maintaining Open Channels of Communication:
    • Prompt and open communication is paramount. Guests, unless incapacitated, must respond to host communications within a 24-hour window, especially when resolution-seeking.

Violation Reporting Protocol:

  • Hosts are encouraged to report any infringements promptly. Both direct reports from hosts and notifications from neighbors are acknowledged.
  • The suggested protocol for hosts includes:
    • Initiate communication with the guest.
    • Record evidence via Hubsplit’s messaging system, photographic evidence, or third-party complaints.
    • Violations can be reported via the ‘contact-us’ page or claims for damages can be made through our Resolution Center.
    • Constructive feedback is advised to facilitate guest improvement.

Enforcement Strategy:

  • We remain unwavering in upholding these standards.
  • Enforcement methods include policy education and issuance of warnings. Repeated or severe breaches might result in suspension or expulsion from our community.
  • Hosts retain the prerogative to append specific stipulations to their default rules. Should there be a breach, our platform extends its support to the Host, including reservation cancellations.
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