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Hubsplit’s Off-Platform Policy

By hosting on Hubsplit, you’re agreeing to our terms and policies, including our Terms of Service. These can be enforced by us as we see fit. Persistent or severe breaches might result in account suspension or permanent deactivation.

Prohibited Behaviors:

  1. Taking People Off Hubsplit for Transactions:
    • Directing guests to book outside of Hubsplit (e.g., offering off-platform discounts).
    • Contacting potential guests outside of Hubsplit before a confirmed booking.
    • Canceling reservations on Hubsplit to finalize bookings externally.
    • Steering guests for future reservations away from Hubsplit.
    • Embedding links or buttons directing people to other sites in any Hubsplit communications.
  2. Misusing Guest’s Contact or Identity Info:
    • Asking for contact details before a confirmed booking.
    • Soliciting personal contact details using Hubsplit’s platforms post-booking.
    • Requesting government ID photos prior to arrival unless legally mandated.
    • Seeking payments outside of Hubsplit for related services.
    • Utilizing Hubsplit-provided contact details against our Terms of Service.
    • Commercializing guest information.

Exceptions: – For legal or compliance reasons, you can ask for additional details, but it must be clarified in the listing. Ensure you respect data privacy laws. – Post-booking, you may verify contact information. – If a guest post-booking requests another communication method, it’s permissible as long as it abides by this policy.

  1. Diverting Reviews and Feedback Off Hubsplit:
    • Guests shouldn’t be directed to review on non-Hubsplit platforms unless you’re an approved hotel partner. We value feedback being shared on Hubsplit for communal benefit.
  2. Mandating Other Websites/Apps for Listing Access:
    • Requesting guests to use accounts outside of Hubsplit for property access.
    • Requiring guests to download third-party apps for access.

Exceptions: – If there’s a legal or compliance reason that necessitates external apps/accounts, it should be evident in the listing. – Optional apps enhancing the guest experience (e.g., Nest, Sonos) are allowed.

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