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Interacting honestly

Hubsplit User Integrity Policy

Introduction: Hubsplit prioritizes honesty and transparency. It’s essential for users to maintain an authentic representation of themselves and their intentions.

I. Allowed Practices:

  • Business Verification: Users registered as businesses or corporate entities may need to validate their business ID, physical address, and contact number.
  • Representative Listings: Hosts can enlist multiple rooms under a singular “representative” listing when the rooms are nearly identical and can function as alternatives to one another. This applies predominantly to settings like hotels or serviced apartments. Consistency in amenities, bed layout, size, decor, and location is crucial.

II. Prohibited Practices:

  • Misrepresentation of Identity: During identity verification processes, users must present genuine and correct information. The use of altered or fabricated documents is strictly forbidden.
  • Misleading Listings: Hosts cannot deceive guests by advertising accommodations that differ significantly from what’s genuinely offered, irrespective of location consistency.
  • Unexpected Financial Requests: Hosts must not seek additional payments unless previously approved by Hubsplit or agreed with guests before the booking.
  • Inaccurate Reports: When communicating an incident or claim to Hubsplit, factual and precise information is essential.
  • Extortion: Hubsplit does not tolerate any form of intimidation, whether direct or implied, to extract benefits.
  • Misuse or Manipulation: Users must abstain from using aggressive language, employing coercive tactics, or issuing threats (of any nature) during interactions with Hubsplit or its associates.

No one should misrepresent themselves or their intentions while using Hubsplit.

What we do allow

  • Business identification: If you joined Hubsplit as a business or company, you may be required to confirm your business ID, address, and phone number.
  • Representative inventory: We allow Hosts to list multiple rooms under a single “representative” listing in instances where the rooms are similar enough to be considered substitutes for each other (ex: in hotels or serviced apartments). However, these rooms must have the same amenities, bed configurations, size, decor, and address.

What we don’t allow

  • Identity misrepresentation: When verifying your identity as the account holder, all information submitted must be true and accurate. Falsified or doctored documents are not allowed.
  • Accommodation bait and switch: Host may not mislead guests by offering a stay that is significantly different to the actual accommodation that guests will be staying in, regardless of whether the address is the same.
  • Surprise payment requests: Hosts should not request additional payments that weren’t previously granted in advance by Hubsplit or agreed upon with the guest prior to booking.
  • False reports and claims: When filing a claim or reporting any incident to Hubsplit , you must supply true and accurate information.
  • Extortion: Using direct or indirect threats to obtain something from another person has no place in our community.
  • Abuse or manipulation of Hubsplit : No one may use abusive language, manipulative tactics, or make threats (violent or non-violent) when communicating with Hubsplit or one of our representatives.
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