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Reservation screening—potential party risk

Hubsplit’s Community Disturbance Policy

At Hubsplit, we maintain a firm stance against disruptive gatherings. While we trust the vast majority of our guests to respect their surroundings, it’s pivotal to our commitment to our hosts – and to the communities they belong to – that we champion conscientious travel and curtail inappropriate conduct.

Preventive Measures Against Potential Risks

We have implemented strategies to pinpoint and preclude reservations that might elevate the chances of unauthorized parties or incidents. When guests use Hubsplit for bookings, our advanced reservation screening system evaluates certain markers to determine the risk associated with the reservation.

In instances where we deploy these automated evaluations for booking requests, we analyze signals that indicate a potential for parties or damage to the property. Our assessments draw from a spectrum of sources and factors, such as input from guests, hosts, and third parties. Elements under consideration might involve the timing of the reservation, prior bookings, a guest’s track record on Hubsplit, nuances of the listing (e.g., private room versus an entire home), and message thread content that could suggest risks. Following this automated review, one of three outcomes will arise:

  1. The reservation proceeds as requested.
  2. The booking is instantly declined, guiding the guest towards other options like a different listing or lodging style (e.g., a private chamber or hotel).
  3. Occasionally, a human analyst, armed with specialized tools and occasionally aided by third-party risk experts, will further scrutinize the reservation. This encompasses studying recent reservation activities and guest interactions with other hosts. Post-evaluation, the reservation might continue or be terminated. In specific situations, the user’s Hubsplit account could also face removal from our platform (relevant for members in the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, Australia, and Portugal).

Appeals and Privacy Concerns

If you believe a booking was erroneously halted or annulled, we encourage you to reach out. Kindly review our Privacy Policy for deeper insights into our data management practices and your associated rights.

Our Community Disturbance Policy is clear that disruptive gatherings are not welcome on Hubsplit. While we know that the overwhelming majority of guests on Hubsplit are respectful neighbors and travelers, it’s integral to our commitment to our Host community – and to the neighborhoods they call home – that we promote responsible travel and try to deter unwanted behavior.

To that end, we have measures in place to help identify and prevent reservations that are potentially higher risk for parties and incidents. When Hubsplit guests on Hubsplit attempt to make a booking, our reservation screening system uses signals to determine whether the reservation may carry a higher risk for these types of incidents.

Where we sometimes use these automated processes to assess the reservation request, we look at indications that suggest the booking may present a higher party or property damage risk. This assessment is based on a wide range of factors, and information from various sources, such as from the guest, the Host, and third parties. These factors may include elements relating to the timing of the reservation, prior reservations, the guest’s Hubsplit history, listing characteristics (ex: private room vs. entire home), and whether a review of recent message thread topics indicates a potential risk. This automated assessment results in one of the following outcomes:

  1. The reservation request can go ahead.
  2. The reservation is automatically rejected and the guest is redirected to an alternative listing or accommodation type (such as a private room or a hotel).
  3. In some cases, the reservation is reviewed by a human agent, using certain tools and processes and with additional assistance from a third-party risk specialist. This review will consider certain factors about the requested reservation and prior reservations, such as recent reservation requests and the guest’s communications with Hosts of other listings. Following this review, the reservation will either be allowed to proceed or will be cancelled. In certain circumstances, the Hubsplit account may also be removed from the platform (applicable to users in the US, Canada, the UK, Mexico, Australia and Portugal).

If you think a reservation was restricted or canceled in error, please contact us.

Check out our Privacy Policy for more information on how we handle your personal information and your rights.

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