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What’s expected of guests

Hubsplit Guest Conduct Policy

We firmly believe that mutual respect forms the foundation of any community. When using Hubsplit, guests are expected to maintain standards of consideration, especially towards their Hosts, neighbors, and other members of the community.

Prohibited Behaviors:

  1. Neglecting Community Norms: Guests must be mindful of the local community standards during their stay or Experience. Responsibilities encompass:
    • Observing designated quiet times.
    • Adhering to parking guidelines, including location, hours, and vehicle quantity.
    • Ensuring proper waste disposal in specified areas.
  2. Overstepping the Reservation Agreement:
    • Guests must respect the stipulations laid out by Hosts, provided they align with Hubsplit’s terms and policies. This encompasses: predetermined check-in/out timings, guest count, pet allowance, smoking permissions, commercial filming/photography constraints, and any other mutually-agreed rules.
    • It’s imperative that guests return keys or other borrowed items as settled upon and maintain clear communication with Hosts regarding any unforeseen issues.
  3. Compromising the Accommodation’s Integrity:
    • Guests should ensure the space they occupied remains in a state that doesn’t necessitate undue cleaning or repair, barring regular wear and tear. The cleaning charges typically only cater to routine cleaning post-stay.
  4. Interference with Security Devices:
    • Disconnecting or tampering with any authorized and transparently revealed security apparatus is strictly forbidden.
  5. Unauthorized Intrusion:
    • Guests must respect boundaries, refraining from accessing areas that are either restricted, locked, or house personal/confidential content.
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