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Cancellations Policy

For Renters:

1. Cancelling a Rental:

  • After booking a rental, there’s a 48-hour window in which you can cancel and receive a full refund if listing owner approves. This does not apply if the booking is made within 48 hours of the rental’s start. Processing fees are not to be refunded for any reason to
  • Within 48 Hours of Rental Start: No refunds are provided unless listing owner approves. The processing fee will be kept by

2. Unexpected Cancellations by Owners:

  • Owner will be responsible for refunding renter.

3. Owner No-Show:

  • If the Owner fails to show up for the handover, contact Hub Split within 12 hours of the scheduled start and call your payment authorizers and start a charge back if necessary. Contact us immediately.

4. Disagreements on Pickup Time:

  • If an Owner accepts a rental request but cannot agree on a pickup time with the Renter, Hub SPlit might automatically cancel the rental.

For Owners:

1. Cancelling a Rental:

  • Charges for cancellations is limited to our processing fee. However renter may issue a charge back and you could be charged a fee up to the full rental value.

2. Consequences of Cancelling:

  • Cancelling affects your Owner Score. Charges can apply for lost % to
  • It also impacts your likelihood of achieving Owner status via review systems.

Our Cancellations Policy safeguards both Owners and Renters against sudden cancellations, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy rental experience for all.

For a comprehensive understanding of our guidelines and terms, refer to our full Terms of Service.

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