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Extenuating Circumstances Policy

Effective date: January 20, 2023


Extenuating Circumstances Policy

This policy elaborates on the protocol for cancellations due to unforeseen events post-booking, which render the completion of a reservation either impossible or against the law. Both accommodations and Experiences reservations are encompassed under this policy.

In scenarios where this policy becomes operative, it overrides the standard cancellation policy. Affected guests might be entitled to a cash refund, travel credit, or other considerations, based on the situation. Affected hosts can cancel without any negative repercussions, but there might be restrictions placed on their availability calendar corresponding to the canceled reservation dates.

Events Under the Policy

The term “Event” in this policy pertains to unexpected situations post-booking that obstruct or legally inhibit the realization of the reservation:

  • Governmental Travel Amendments: Unanticipated modifications to visa/passport criteria set by governmental entities obstructing destination access. Lost/expired documents or personal travel authorization issues are exempted.
  • Announced Emergencies and Disease Outbreaks: Official declarations of emergencies, epidemics, pandemics, or health crises by governments. However, prevalent diseases native to regions are excluded, e.g., malaria in Thailand.
  • Governmental Travel Constraints: Government-imposed restrictions that halt or forbid travel to, residence in, or departure from the listing’s location, excluding advisory travel guidelines.
  • Hostile Actions: War activities, civil unrest, invasions, terroristic activities, explosions, riots, or any form of public disorder.
  • Natural Catastrophes: Uncommon severe weather conditions or natural calamities, excluding events that are typically predictable for that area, e.g., hurricanes during Florida’s hurricane season.


The policy is strictly confined to the Events elucidated above, and other circumstances are not considered. For instance, unexpected health issues, civic obligations, travel recommendations, rescheduling or cancellation of associated events, and general transport disruptions not connected to a covered Event. Refunds for these situations are steered by the applicable cancellation policy.

Subsequent Steps

If we ascertain that your reservation falls under this policy, you should adhere to our given cancellation directives. Navigate to your ‘Trips’ page to opt for a cancellation under this policy if we have communicated its applicability to you. If you surmise that your situation qualifies but haven’t received any communication from us, please get in touch. Always be ready to furnish proof detailing the impact of the Event on your reservation.

If you have questions, please contact us.

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