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Combatting hate, harassment, and discrimination

Hubsplit’s Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy

At Hubsplit, we prioritize the well-being and safety of our community members, ensuring that all experiences — be it stays or other Experiences — are rooted in mutual respect, understanding, and inclusivity. We vehemently stand against any form of harassment or discrimination.

Acts of Harassment and Discrimination that are Strictly Prohibited:

  1. Bullying and Harassment:
    • Any form of unwanted behavior, whether online or offline, like bullying, cyberbullying, stalking, or harassment, will not be tolerated.
  2. Discriminatory Refusal of Service:
    • Our Nondiscrimination Policy clearly states that Hosts cannot refuse service to guests based on any protected class such as race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and more.
  3. Differential Treatment:
    • Every guest should be treated with equal respect. Hosts should not impose different rules or behaviors based on the guest’s protected class status.
  4. Dangerous Speech:
    • No individual should be subjected to language that incites harm or portrays another individual as a threat simply based on their protected class membership.
  5. Use of Derogatory Language:
    • Hate speech, slurs, or any other form of prejudiced language targeting an individual’s protected class status is strictly prohibited.
  6. Deadnaming or Misgendering:
    • Respect for gender identity is crucial. Transgender individuals should be addressed by their chosen names and pronouns. Deliberately using pre-transition names or pronouns is considered disrespectful.
  7. Coded Language and Microaggressions:
    • Using veiled discriminatory remarks or phrases rooted in societal stereotypes is not allowed. Everyone should be aware of and avoid microaggressions.
  8. Offensive Symbols or Images:
    • Displaying or sharing images, symbols, logos, or slogans linked to hate or extremist groups, or those that derogate cultures or religions, is strictly prohibited.

Our Commitment:

Hubsplit believes in building a community grounded in the principles of mutual respect and understanding. We expect every member — Hosts and guests alike — to uphold these values, ensuring that all interactions on our platform remain positive and free from any form of prejudice. Violations of this policy can lead to repercussions ranging from warnings to removal from our platform. Together, let’s create experiences that celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

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