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Hosting Experiences for guests with accessibility needs

Hubsplit’s Access Provider Policy

In our commitment to making Hubsplit a universally accessible platform, we recognize the crucial role that access providers play for individuals with disabilities. These individuals are instrumental in ensuring the full participation of guests who might otherwise face barriers.

Who is an Access Provider?

An access provider assists someone with a disability, mental illness, or long-term illness in their daily activities. Their responsibilities might range from personal care to facilitating communication, and they are fundamental in enabling their associated guest to partake fully in the Hubsplit Experience. It’s important to note that an access provider:

  • Does not necessarily live with the person they assist.
  • Might not be paid for their services.
  • Is not necessarily formally trained.

Scope of an Access Provider’s Role:

Access providers may assist in:

  • Navigating the Experience location.
  • Facilitating communication between the guest and the host or other guests.
  • Supporting the guest during activities like shopping, workshops, eating, or drinking.

However, access providers are not:

  • Independent participants of the Experience.
  • Casual friends or family members accompanying the guest.
  • Childcare providers.

Policies for Access Providers in Hubsplit Experiences:

  1. For Hosts:
    • Hosts have the option to allow access providers to accompany guests free of charge.
    • When a guest with an access provider books such an Experience, the access provider is neither charged for nor counted as a separate seat.
    • Hosts can activate this setting by navigating to ‘Your experiences’, selecting ‘Edit’, and then moving to ‘Price settings > Guest pricing’.
    • It’s essential for hosts to communicate with the booking guest to discuss any logistical details related to the access provider’s presence.
  2. For Guests:
    • Guests can search for Experiences that accommodate access providers without additional costs.
    • After making a primary search by location and date, guests can refine their search using the ‘More filters’ option, then ‘Select accessibility features’.
    • Guests should communicate with the host after booking an Experience to inform them about the access provider’s attendance and discuss any specific requirements.

Inclusion and Open Dialogue:

The essence of our policy is to encourage an open dialogue between guests and hosts. This transparency ensures that the Experience is enjoyable for everyone and that no one faces unexpected barriers.

We invite all our community members to embrace this spirit of inclusion and make Hubsplit a platform where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can find a space to belong.

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