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Nondiscrimination Policy

Last updated: January 10, 2022

Hubsplit’s Mission and Core Values

1. Core Mission: Hubsplit is fundamentally designed as an open community with a noble mission: to bridge the gaps between diverse individuals worldwide. Through fostering shared and meaningful experiences, Hubsplit aspires to bring everyone, irrespective of their geographic location, closer together.

2. A Melting Pot of Diversity: The global reach of the Hubsplit community is truly remarkable, bringing together millions from almost every country. The community thrives on its diverse blend, consisting of people with varied cultural backgrounds, values, and norms.

3. Inclusivity and Respect: The ethos of the Hubsplit community is built on two cornerstones:

  • Inclusion: Everyone, irrespective of their background, is welcomed into the Hubsplit fold. The community cherishes the fact that every individual, regardless of their origin, beliefs, or who they choose to love, should feel included and accepted.
  • Respect: This principle is non-negotiable and is expected from both hosts and guests. It underscores the importance of treating every community member with dignity and consideration.

4. Navigating Global Norms: Hubsplit acknowledges the complex tapestry of global laws and norms. In certain jurisdictions, legal frameworks may mandate or allow for specific distinctions based on attributes like gender, marital status, or sexual orientation. Hubsplit’s stance is clear: hosts shouldn’t be pushed to go against local laws or face potential legal repercussions. To navigate these nuances, Hubsplit is committed to providing guidance and adjusting its nondiscrimination policy to align with regional regulations.

5. The Role of Empathy: While it’s understood that a single entity can’t impose universal harmony, Hubsplit firmly believes in its power to foster empathy and mutual understanding across diverse cultures. The community stands united against any form of bias, discrimination, or intolerance.

6. Aiming Beyond Compliance: The aspiration is not just to meet the bare minimum of compliance but to elevate the community culture. This requires collective effort. Whether someone is an employee, a host, a guest, or someone contemplating joining Hubsplit, they are urged to familiarize themselves with and uphold the platform’s policy. The ultimate aim? A world where everyone, regardless of their background, feels they truly belong and are wholeheartedly welcomed.

Specific Guidance for Hosts in the United States, European Union, and Canada

Hubsplit Non-Discrimination Guidelines

Hubsplit is committed to understanding and complying with all relevant local, state, and federal regulations related to housing and public accommodation. It’s important to note that laws may vary by jurisdiction and may have additional stipulations that further refine or delineate the civil rights of our user community. We expect our hosts to be compliant with these nuances. If in doubt, please reach out to Hubsplit’s customer support for guidance. We plan to unveil a comprehensive non-discrimination policy for regions beyond the U.S. shortly.

Given these foundational tenets, our host community across the U.S., EU, and Canada should adhere to the following guidelines:

Criteria of Race, Color, Ethnicity, National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Marital Status:

Hubsplit hosts should not:

  • Refuse a reservation based on the aforementioned criteria.
  • Set differing terms or conditions rooted in these criteria.
  • Produce or publicize content that subtly or overtly shows biases based on these factors.

Regarding Gender Identity:

At Hubsplit, we don’t define gender for our users. We respect the gender identities as declared on their profiles.

Hosts are advised against:

  • Refusing reservations due to gender identity, with an exception where shared living areas are a factor.
  • Modifying terms or conditions based on gender, except in shared living situations.

However, hosts can specify unit availability based on their gender when sharing living spaces.

Pertaining to Age and Familial Structure:

Hosts are advised against:

  • Modifying terms or rejecting reservations due to age or familial composition, unless legally restricted.

But hosts can:

  • Provide detailed info about listing features related to age or families.
  • Include community-related rules or regulations regarding age or families in their listings.

In Relation to Disability:

Hosts should refrain from:

  • Denying guests because of real or perceived disabilities.
  • Changing terms or conditions based on a guest’s disability.
  • Making assumptions about a unit’s suitability for a guest with a disability.

And adhere to the other guidelines associated with accommodating disability needs.

On Personal Preferences:

While hosts can refuse bookings for non-discriminatory reasons, it’s crucial that such stipulations or preferences are transparently communicated.

Handling Rejections:

It’s imperative to approach rejections with sensitivity. Hosts must ensure lawful and valid reasons for their decisions. Consistent unwelcoming behavior can be detrimental to our community ethos. Hubsplit may consider re-evaluating the status of hosts displaying such patterns.

Specific Guidance for Hosts Outside the United States, European Union, and Canada

While Hubsplit upholds a firm non-discrimination philosophy, we recognize the diverse socio-cultural and legal landscapes worldwide. In some regions beyond the U.S., EU, and Canada, local norms or laws might necessitate distinctions in accommodation based on factors like marital status, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation, contradicting our global non-discrimination stance.

For hosts in these regions:

  1. Local Laws and Safety First: We don’t expect our hosts to defy local laws or put themselves at genuine risks of legal repercussions, harm, or damage to property. The safety of our hosts is paramount.
  2. Transparency in Listings: If certain laws or societal norms restrict hosting capabilities, hosts should clearly specify these in their listing. This clarity assists potential guests in understanding the context and lets Hubsplit verify the necessity of such specifications.
  3. Communicate with Respect: Any restrictions or conditions should be communicated using clear, factual, and neutral language. Any form of derogatory remarks, slurs, or disrespectful terms is unacceptable and contradictory to the ethos of our platform and community.

As always, while navigating complex cultural and legal terrains, we encourage hosts and guests to act with empathy, understanding, and respect. Our platform aims to foster a global community built on trust and shared human values.

What happens when a host does not comply with our policies in this area?

1. Listings Language & Compliance: Any listing that goes against the grain of our non-discrimination policy will be flagged. The respective host will be prompted to remove the objectionable content, and to reaffirm their commitment to our policy and the foundational principles it stands on. Hubsplit reserves the right to take actions ranging from warnings to suspending the host’s access to our platform based on the severity of the violation.

2. Actions Against Discrimination: Should a host unjustly decline guests based on protected categories, or if their communication insinuates motivations prohibited by our policy, corrective actions will be in order. Hubsplit is committed to maintaining the integrity of our platform, and any violation of this sort will prompt responses that may include the suspension of the host.

3. Our Evolving Commitment: As the Hubsplit community expands, our dedication to inclusivity and respect remains unwavering. We are dedicated to ensuring every interaction on Hubsplit is rooted in mutual respect and understanding. The overarching goal remains – every guest and host should feel welcomed and valued. Our commitment to this principle is not just a business imperative but a reflection of the values we, and our community, believe in. We anticipate and appreciate the continued support and vigilance of our community in upholding these standards.

Additional Considerations

Hubsplit’s Nondiscrimination Policy is universally applicable across all segments of our platform. Recognizing the unique nature of diverse offerings within our community, we have delineated specific considerations for certain instances:

1. Experiences:

  • Gender Exemption: Hubsplit allows Experience hosts to curate single-gender experiences under circumstances where such a distinction is crucial:
    • To establish a safe environment that neither poses harm nor infringes upon legality.
    • To uphold the safety and privacy of participants.
    • To align with prevailing legal or cultural mandates.
  • Accessibility, Disability, and Reasonable Accommodations: Given the wide array of Experiences offered on Hubsplit, hosts may occasionally require clarity regarding a guest’s capability to engage in certain physical endeavors or their specific needs for reasonable accommodations. Consequently, we advise Experience hosts to:
    • Accurately convey the physical demands of an Experience, empowering guests to gauge its suitability in relation to their individual conditions.
    • Constructively communicate with guests who disclose disabilities or pose queries about the accessibility of an experience, and to judiciously evaluate and possibly fulfill reasonable accommodation requests.
    • Strive to facilitate reasonable accommodations, provided they don’t fundamentally alter the essence of the Experience.

This enhanced clarity ensures that hosts and guests alike understand their rights and responsibilities, thereby fostering a more inclusive and respectful community on Hubsplit.

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