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Welcoming guests with accessibility needs

At Hubsplit, we believe in building a community where every member, regardless of their accessibility needs, feels welcome, safe, and respected. We take accessibility seriously and want to provide a platform where everyone can participate fully.

Accommodating Guests with Accessibility Needs:

  1. Host Exemptions for Service Animals:
    • In exceptional circumstances where the presence of a service animal poses a direct threat to a resident’s health and safety, Hosts can apply for an exemption. However, this must be communicated proactively.
  2. Service Animals Not Under Handler Control:
    • Hosts have the right to request the removal of a service animal that is not adequately controlled by its handler, such as if it’s left unsupervised.

Actions We Discourage and Prohibit:

  1. Reservation Denials Based on Accessibility Needs:
    • Hosts should not decline, cancel, or modify a reservation due to a guest’s use of a service animal or assistive device, unless an approved exception is in place.
  2. Additional Fees for Accessibility Needs:
    • Hosts must not impose any extra charges for service animals or assistive devices. We encourage everyone to understand the distinction between service animals, pets, and emotional support animals.
  3. Denying Reasonable Accessibility Requests:
    • Guests should be accommodated reasonably. For instance, while a guest can request furniture be moved for better mobility, they cannot ask for structural changes like widening doorways.
  4. Unequal Treatment:
    • All guests should be treated with the same level of respect, irrespective of their accessibility needs.
  5. Use of Offensive Language:
    • Discrimination, in any form, including derogatory remarks about someone’s disability or their use of assistive devices or service animals, is strictly forbidden.
  6. Misrepresenting Accessibility Features:
    • It’s imperative that listings provide accurate details about accessibility features. Hosts are expected to be honest and clear when discussing accessibility specifics with guests who have stated accessibility needs.

Towards an Inclusive Community:

Our guidelines strive to ensure that every member of the Hubsplit community feels valued and protected. By adhering to these rules, Hosts and guests together can create a welcoming environment where everyone can share experiences, irrespective of their accessibility needs. We urge all our community members to show empathy, respect, and support towards one another.

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