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How do I list an item?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your listing stands out and appeals to potential borrowers:

  1. Naming Your Item:
    • Opt for a name that aligns with what borrowers are likely to search for. The right name can increase your item’s visibility.
  2. Add High-Quality Photos:
    • Quality images can significantly boost your rental chances. Ensure renters have a clear view of what they’re considering. The more images you provide, the better. Need assistance with uploading photos? Contact our support team [email protected]
  3. Pick an Appropriate Category:
    • Ensure your item is categorized correctly to make it easier for borrowers to find. Need guidance on selecting the right category? [email protected]
  4. Detailed Item Description:
    • Elaborate on the item’s specifications, its compatibility, and its current condition. Accurate information is key to establishing trust and ensuring a smooth rental process.
  5. Determine Your Item’s Price:
    • While pricing is at your discretion, offering competitive rates can lead to more frequent and extended rentals, potentially increasing your overall earnings. Need help determining the best price? Call us! (Click our AI support on the bottom left and request a call back) Once you’ve filled out all the necessary details, click the ‘Submit’ button, and voila!

Already a member? Click the link below to start listing your item:

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