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How do I report a user?

We take the conduct and behavior of our community members seriously. If you believe a user hasn’t adhered to Hub Split’s Terms of Service or if there are other concerning behaviors you’d like to report, please utilize our dedicated ‘report a user’ system.

Why might you report a user? Here are some instances:

  1. Inappropriate Content or Behavior: Posts, messages, or listings that violate our guidelines or community standards.
  2. Abusive or Harassing Behavior: This includes any form of threats, bullying, or repeated unwarranted messages.
  3. Fraudulent Activity: Activities that undermine the integrity of Hub Split, such as soliciting off-platform rentals, self-referring, or advertising misleading or false items.

Report Here: Report a User Form

Upon receiving your report, our team will review the matter thoroughly and aim to revert to you within a few days. Please understand that when you report a user, you are flagging their account for review, which might impact their future interactions on Hub Split. Your safety and trust are of utmost importance to us.

Thank you for ensuring Hub Split remains a safe and respectful community for all!

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