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Illegal and prohibited activities

Husplit doesn’t allow illegal activities and other behaviors that could harm our community.

Hubsplit Community Standards

At Hubsplit, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our community. We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for all our users, both Hosts and guests. To this end, we have set clear guidelines on what is permissible and what is not.

Permissible Activities:

  1. Cannabis Consumption: In regions where it is legally allowed and if not violating any house rules set by the Host, adults are permitted to consume cannabis.
  2. Cannabis Cultivation: Hosts may cultivate cannabis or hemp on their property, provided it is within legal limits and disclosed upfront, and assuming it adheres to local laws.

Prohibited Activities:

  1. Child Sexual Exploitation: Engaging or enticing someone under 18 in sexual activities, irrespective of local laws, is strictly forbidden. [Learn More]
  2. Human Trafficking: Any act involving the recruitment, transportation, or harboring of an individual by force or deception for labor or sexual exploitation is prohibited. [Learn More]
  3. Incall Commercial Sex Work: Hubsplit properties or Experiences must not be used for paid sexual activities, such as erotic massages or prostitution.
  4. Soliciting Sex Work: Guests must not solicit, and Hosts must not promote or offer paid sexual services.
  5. Commercial Pornography Production: Hubsplit listings or their surroundings should not be utilized for producing commercial pornographic content.
  6. Illicit Drugs: The presence or consumption of illegal or restricted drugs, unless medically prescribed, is forbidden on Hubsplit properties or during Experiences.
  7. Drug Production: Hubsplit listings or surrounding areas must not be used for manufacturing illegal drugs.
  8. Drug Cultivation: Cultivating plants for illegal drug extraction is not allowed, with cannabis being the exception if legal.
  9. Drug Distribution: Distributing drugs, including cannabis, is prohibited even if it’s legal in the respective area.

Your Safety Comes First

If you ever feel at risk or come across any behavior that breaches our guidelines, always prioritize your safety. Reach out to local authorities if necessary. After ensuring your immediate safety, please report any violations to our platform. We value your safety and are here to support you.

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