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Quarantine and Isolation Stays

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we anticipate both Hosts and guests will seek clarity on travel norms. In light of this, we’ve curated these guidelines to ensure responsible traveling during these unprecedented times:

  1. Precautions before Checking in/Interacting:
    • Avoid checking into any property if:
      • You have an active COVID-19 infection or recently tested positive.
      • You believe you might be ill or may have been exposed, and are awaiting confirmatory test results.
      • You exhibit symptoms or harbor concerns about potential COVID-19 infection.
      • You’ve recently engaged in prolonged contact with someone either diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19.
  2. Government Directives and Travel Guidelines:
    • Irrespective of whether you’re a Host or a guest, always refer to and adhere to government travel alerts and relevant local rules. This will ensure you’re aware of any mandates, such as shelter-in-place or stay-at-home orders, which might affect your ability to travel or accommodate guests.

Hosting guidelines

Hosting During Lockdowns, Stay-at-Home Orders, and Mandatory Quarantines

Always refer to local authorities to ascertain the current government mandates specific to your area and situation, ensuring that you can fulfill hosting duties such as check-ins, check-outs, and cleaning. Understand that stay-at-home or lockdown directives can differ across regions and may change in response to local circumstances. Keep abreast of travel prerequisites for your area, like mandatory quarantines for arriving travelers. Always follow health, safety, and cleaning recommendations from your local health officials. If you’re hesitant to host presently, adjust your calendar to reflect unavailability. If you decide to host, foster open communication with potential guests about any uncertainties before their stay. Consider being more inclusive in your messages to potential guests.

Guidance on Health, Safety, and Cleaning

Get acquainted with Hubsplit’s health and safety measures for both Hosts and guests. Hosts should also explore our detailed cleaning protocol, offering insights on ensuring a hygienic environment for you and your guests.

Conducting an Experience

If you’re an Experience Host, delve into our health and safety guidelines tailored for Experiences. This includes information on hosting norms and modifying your experience. For those welcoming guests into their homes or offering food, refer to our cleaning and food safety recommendations.

Guest guidelines

Guidelines for Booking Hubsplit Listings Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Booking to be Near an Infected Family Member:

If you are considering booking an Hubsplit listing to be closer to a family member who has tested positive for COVID-19, exercise caution. Guests should not travel if they’ve been in close contact with someone posing an infection risk or anticipate such contact during their stay. Prior to confirming your reservation, ensure you’re adhering to all local travel regulations both at your departure point and destination. Always refer to and comply with local government guidelines pertaining to COVID-19.

2. Booking for Self-Isolation Purposes:

Guests who might be infectious—due to a positive COVID-19 test, displaying symptoms, or having been in contact with a confirmed case—should refrain from booking an Hubsplit listing specifically for self-isolation. If you suspect exposure or infection, consult medical professionals and inform local health authorities.

3. Booking to Adhere to Quarantine Mandates after Traveling from High-Risk Zones:

Global circumstances related to COVID-19 remain fluid. It’s crucial to stay updated on the local guidelines in the region you’re planning to visit. Certain areas have mandated quarantine periods for incoming travelers, while others might restrict short-term rentals or deem certain travel non-essential. If you’re considering travel, only proceed if you don’t pose a contagion threat (based on a positive test result, symptoms, or exposure to a confirmed case) and ensure your travel aligns with the regulations set by the local authorities at your destination.

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