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Protecting your privacy

Hubsplit’s Privacy and Personal Boundaries Policy

In the era of sharing and interconnectedness, while we strive to create a community that thrives on mutual respect and trust, it’s also vital to emphasize the boundaries that protect personal privacy. Here’s our stance on maintaining privacy while ensuring an enriching experience for our Hosts and guests:

Behaviors We Allow:

  1. Host Re-entry: While the property belongs to the Host, once it’s rented out, it becomes a guest’s temporary private space. Hosts can enter the property or specific rooms in shared stays during a reservation only under emergency situations or if the guest has provided clear permission with an understanding of the nature and timing of the visit.

Behaviors We Don’t Allow:

  1. Physical Intrusions: Respect for personal space is paramount. Neither the Hosts, guests, nor any affiliated individuals should access private areas without prior consent. This includes:
    • Bathrooms when occupied in shared stays.
    • Bedrooms or sleeping areas in shared stays.
    • The rented property and its immediate surroundings in case of entire home stays.
  2. Use of Others’ Personal Property: Taking or using another’s belongings that aren’t intended for shared use is strictly prohibited without prior consent.
  3. Private Space Interference: Everyone deserves their personal space. Hosts and guests should ensure that another person’s ability to enjoy a private area isn’t hindered. This could be as basic as ensuring private rooms have doors, or abstaining from activities that violate personal boundaries, like voyeurism.
  4. Non-consensual Content Sharing: In the age of digital sharing, it’s essential to respect the boundaries of personal content. Sharing private or confidential information, photos, or videos of members without their explicit consent is strictly prohibited.

Protecting Privacy is Everyone’s Responsibility:

We believe in creating a platform where individuals can trust one another. To maintain this trust, it’s vital that we all respect the personal boundaries set by others. If you ever feel that your privacy has been compromised or have any questions regarding our policy, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

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