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Use of cameras and recording devices

Hubsplit’s Security and Monitoring Device Policy

For the comfort and safety of our community, we acknowledge the utility of security measures such as cameras and noise monitoring equipment. However, it is crucial that these devices respect individual privacy and are used transparently and ethically. We have established the following guidelines to help our Hosts ensure a sense of security without compromising the privacy of their guests.

Devices We Allow:

  1. Public or Shared Area Monitoring: Devices installed to monitor publicly accessible areas like entrances or parking zones are permitted, as long as they are properly disclosed in the listing description before the booking. Similarly, devices installed in shared spaces can be used if clearly mentioned in the listing, but this does not include areas like bedrooms or bathrooms.

Devices We Don’t Allow:

  1. Hidden and Non-disclosed Devices: Any devices that observe shared spaces must not be hidden or camouflaged. They should be installed openly and must be clearly mentioned in the listing’s description.
  2. Private Area Monitoring: It is strictly prohibited to install devices that can monitor private spaces, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, or any shared spaces repurposed as sleeping areas (e.g., a living room with a sofa bed). However, non-functional devices can be present in these spaces if they are completely switched off and guests are informed about them beforehand.

Transparency is Key:

When it comes to monitoring and security devices, clarity and openness are essential. Hosts should ensure that guests are fully informed about any devices in the property before they book. This ensures trust and makes sure guests can make informed decisions about where they choose to stay.

If you have any concerns or need clarification on these guidelines, please contact our support team.

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