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Rebooking and Refund Policy

Effective Date: January 01, 2023

Rebooking and Refund Policy Summary

Pre-check-in Host Cancellations:

  • If a Host cancels before check-in, guests receive a full refund at the owner’s discretion.

Other Travel Issues:

  • Report within 72 hours of noticing.
  • Based on the severity, full or partial refunds are given.
  • Assistance in finding other accommodations might be provided.
  • Refund amounts depend on the problem’s gravity and its effect on the stay.

Definition of Travel Issues:

  • Cancellation by Host prior to check-in.
  • No access to booked accommodations.
  • Undisclosed presence of Host, another individual, or pet.
  • Uninhabitable accommodations due to uncleanliness, safety/health risks, pests.
  • Listing inaccuracies (wrong house type, incorrect rooms, location errors, non-functional amenities).

Claims Procedure:

  • Claims should be reported within 72 hours, supported by evidence.
  • We assess the evidence to determine if a Travel Issue occurred.

Host Implications:

  • Hosts may get no payout or a reduced amount based on the refund given to guests.
  • We generally seek Host confirmation on guest claims. Hosts can also dispute Travel Issues.

Other Points:

  • This policy has supremacy over individual reservation cancellation policies and applies to reservations from its Effective Date.
  • Guests should first communicate with their Host regarding issues.
  • Refunds from Hosts can be requested directly, and we might adjust amounts based on this.
  • While rebooking, we might cover or contribute to new accommodation costs. Guests might also be given the choice between credit or a cash refund.
  • Late reporting of Travel Issues might be allowed in specific cases.
  • Issues caused by guests, their companions, or their pets aren’t covered.
  • Fraudulent claims can lead to account termination.
  • Our decisions are binding but don’t affect other legal rights.
  • This isn’t insurance, and no premiums are paid by users.
  • All rights under this policy are specific to the involved guest and Host.
  • Policy updates align with our Terms of Service, and the policy applies to stays.

Our decisions under this Policy are binding, but do not affect other contractual or statutory rights that may be available. Any right that guests or Hosts may have to initiate legal action remains unaffected. This Policy is not insurance and no premium has been paid by any guest or Host. All rights and obligations under this Policy are personal to the booking guest and Host of the reservation and may not be transferred or assigned. Any changes to this Policy will be made in accordance with our Terms of Service. This Policy applies to stays.

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