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Report a case as a Renter

Guide to Reporting Issues as a Renter on Hub Split

Experiencing issues during your rental? We’re here to help! As a renter on Hub Split, it’s essential to communicate any problems you face for a swift resolution. Here’s how you can report different issues:

1. Item Has Not Been Received:

  • Scenario: You’ve booked an item, but it hasn’t been delivered or made available to you as agreed.
  • Action: To report this issue, click here.

2. Item Was Not Working During Your Rental:

  • Scenario: The item you rented was faulty or didn’t operate as expected during the rental period.
  • Action: If you faced this issue, please click here to report it.

3. Item Was Not As Described on the Listing:

  • Scenario: The item you received didn’t match its description or was different from the listing photos on Hub Split.
  • Action: To address this discrepancy, click here.

4. Other General Issues:

  • Scenario: You faced an issue that doesn’t fall under the categories mentioned above, or you have a general complaint or feedback.
  • Action: For all other concerns, click here.

Please Note: Once you report the issue, our dedicated Resolutions Team will investigate and work towards a solution. Ensure you provide comprehensive details, including any evidence or pertinent communication, to expedite the process. Your cooperation will ensure a smoother resolution experience.

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