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The Resolutions Process at Hub Split

Understanding the Resolutions Team:

Occasionally, Owners and Renters might not see eye to eye on a rental situation. That’s where Hub Split’s dedicated Resolutions Team steps in. This team mediates between the two parties, meticulously examining all the evidence presented to arrive at a resolution.

Your Resolutions Case Manager:

Should a rental or sale of yours escalate to our Resolutions Team, a Resolutions Case Manager will be assigned to guide you through the process. They’ll liaise with you and the other party, gathering time-stamped photo/video evidence, written statements, and any other pertinent materials to determine liability. Remember, you must report a case within 24 hours of your rental’s end date.

For Owners:

If you’re an Owner and need to invoke our guarantee, your case manager will present your case to our dedicated team for review. Typically, it takes about two working days for this team to reach a decision, after which you’ll be notified via email. If the decision is in your favor, you’ll be asked to provide your bank details to process the payment.

Renter Liability:

Renters, be aware: You are responsible for any damage or loss to an item you rent. (Hub Split LLC) does not hold any responsibility for any listing, item or error. However, Renters seeking coverage are welcome to obtain their own insurance.

Quick and Fair Resolutions:

In many situations, Renters and Owners resolve disputes directly, which often proves to be faster and more cost-effective, especially for Renters. In fact, the majority of such cases are settled within just 24 hours.

Appealing a Decision:

Decisions rendered by the Resolutions Team are considered final. Rest assured, our team approaches every case with thoroughness, aiming for the fairest outcome for all involved.

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