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Report a ‘Non-Return’ case – (VALUE OVER $1000)

If your rented item, valued over $1000, hasn’t been returned, please CLICK HERE to report the issue immediately.

Next Steps:

  1. Fill out the Form: Once completed, a dedicated case manager will be assigned to your case. They will get in touch with you within one working day.
  2. Provide Information: Your case manager will email you detailing the specific information they need from you.
  3. Engage our Security Team: Given the high value of the item, our Security Team will be alerted and will prioritize recovering your item by engaging with the renter.
  4. Renter’s Liability: As stipulated in our Terms and Conditions, renters acknowledge and accept full liability for the entire value of the items they rent.
  5. Claims Process: The entire claims process typically takes two working days. Post this, your case manager will inform you about the outcome and provide any additional necessary information.

Remember, we’re here to support you throughout this process. Thank you for using Hub Split

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