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Report a ‘Late Return’ case

We’re sorry to hear that your item was not returned on time. We understand the inconvenience it may cause, and we are here to assist.

Reporting a Late Return:

If your item hasn’t been returned at the agreed-upon time, please report this situation immediately via this link: Hub Split Support.

What Happens After Reporting:

  1. Assignment of Case Manager: Post your form submission, a dedicated case manager will be appointed to handle your case. They are there to help and provide support throughout the process.
  2. Communication: Within a day of reporting the late return, your case manager will get in touch, possibly asking for more information pertaining to the rental and return.
  3. Defining ‘Late-Return’: Just for clarity, a ‘Late-Return’ is when the rented item isn’t returned as scheduled or within 24 hours post the commencement of the rental period. To better understand this, you can find more details here. Additionally, a late return might also mean not adhering to the specific time set by an owner.
  4. Renter’s Liability: All renters on Hub Split, as per our Terms and Conditions, are responsible for up to the daily rental charge for each additional day they retain the item post the agreed Return Deadline.
  5. Hub Split’s Role: While Hub Split does not guarantee the compensation for late returns, our case managers are committed to obtaining this payment from the renter on your behalf if they are deemed accountable.

Our aim is to make the renting process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this time. Rest assured, we’re working diligently to resolve your issue.

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