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Report a ‘Damage’ case

We’re truly sorry to learn about the damage or fault concerning your item upon its return. Our main priority is ensuring the trust and satisfaction of our community members.

Reporting the Damage or Fault:

If your item has been returned damaged or is exhibiting a fault, please report your concern immediately through this link: Hub Split Support.

Here’s What Will Happen Next:

  1. Case Manager Assignment: After you’ve filled out the form, a specialized case manager will be assigned to handle your situation. This person will be your main point of contact.
  2. First Contact: You’ll hear from your case manager within one working day of your report. They might require additional details about the damage or ask for the item to be sent to an authorized third-party repair center for an evaluation and repair quote.
  3. Renter’s Contact: Parallelly, the renter will be contacted to discuss the damages noted on the item they rented.
  4. Determination of Liability: Once all necessary details and repair appraisals are gathered, your case manager will finalize the decision on who bears the responsibility for the damage.
  5. Terms and Liability: As a reminder, any renter on Hub Split, as per our Terms & Conditions, takes on full liability for damages they may inflict on the items they rent. Hub Split stands behind this with our our full cooperation with authorities. However, certain conditions like manufacturing defects, standard wear and tear, or issues not arising from the renter’s misuse aren’t considered a priority of Hub Split and will be considered a non-issue for resolution.
  6. Claims Process Timeline: Should your situation move to the claims stage, our dedicated Claims Team will review all the intricacies. This process usually spans two working days. Once a decision is reached, your case manager will update you on the outcome and any subsequent steps.

Our commitment is to ensure a fair and quick resolution to all such incidents. We genuinely appreciate your patience and trust in Hub Split during this time.

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