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Security deposits

Hubsplit’s Security Deposit and Damage Reimbursement Policy

Hosts can directly charge guests a security deposit either through the Hubsplit Resolution Center or outside our platform. Rather, guests are notified during the booking process that if damages are incurred, their payment method could be charged. Be careful as Hubsplit does not retain deposits and has no guaranteed way of retrieving it in the event an owner keeps it. A deduction on all listings including deposits for processing is 5.7%-7%, keep that in mind as there are no refunds through Hubsplit unless authorized by support.

Exception: Hosts using API-connected software can define a security deposit via our offline fees system. If such a deposit is set, it will be explicitly stated during the booking.

Addressing Damages without a Security Deposit:

If any damages result from a guest, their invitees, or their pets, the Host can seek reimbursement through our Resolution Center. If Hubsplit’s mediation deems the guest at fault, the guest’s payment method may be charged. does not guarantee a refund but will attempt as it’s up to the owner in most cases.

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