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Standards for hotels and other hospitality businesses

Hubsplit celebrates diverse, unique spaces and professional hospitality, setting a clear standard for listings from hotels and other professional establishments.

By Listing, You Assert:

  • Licensing: Your properties are compliant with necessary business licenses.
  • Legal Responsibility: You are authorized to offer rooms and spaces to the public under the designated property management.

Ideal Qualities for Hubsplit Listings:

  • Distinct Atmosphere: Focus on unique, non-chain property styles.
  • Communal Spaces & Events: Spaces where guests can gather or events that facilitate engagement.
  • Distinct Guest Rooms: Rooms that reflect local or unique design influences.
  • High-Quality Photos: Ensure images on your listing are clear and indicative of what guests can anticipate.
  • Accessible Features: Accommodations suitable for guests with mobility challenges.

Incorporating Hubsplit’s Core Hosting Requirements: It is crucial to ensure these listings resonate with guests’ expectations.

Property Types Under These Standards:

  • Boutique hotel
  • Hotel
  • Bed & breakfast
  • Vacation Rental
  • All Hubs

Review Process: Upon listing publication, a review process commences. Even existing listings will undergo retroactive reviews. During the review, hosts can continue their usual activities.

Non-compliant Listings: If a listing fails to match our standards, you’ll be intimated through email.

If the problem relates to incorrect property classification or improper categorization under our new system, here’s the remedy:

  • Access the email link or go to Listings.
  • Opt for a different property category.
  • Republish the listing.

Should you select another category that mandates a review, the evaluation restarts.

Please note: Listings not adhering to our criteria might face permanent removal from Hubsplit.

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