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Understanding Rental Request Rejections

Trust and safety are paramount on the Hub Split platform. The Trustworthy Score is an important mechanism we employ to ensure that all transactions are secure and both renters and owners feel safe.

Here’s a deeper look:

1. Verification Criteria:

  • We have a set of guidelines that all users must adhere to. If, for some reason, the documentation provided doesn’t meet these standards, this could affect the outcome of the verification process.

2. Identity Documentation:

  • Clear, authentic, and recent ID documents are essential. If there are inconsistencies or if the document provided doesn’t match the name on the account, the verification process may be impacted.

3. Payment Provider Risk Score:

  • Payment providers often assess the risk of transactions based on multiple factors like unusual spending patterns, location discrepancies, etc. If they flag a particular transaction, it might influence our decision.

4. Details Associated with Another Account:

  • Multiple accounts or shared details can sometimes be seen as red flags. It’s essential for users to have unique details for their account.

Feedback and Improvement:

  • We understand that no system is flawless. We genuinely appreciate feedback, as it allows us to refine our methods and offer a better service. If you believe there has been an oversight or that there’s room for improvement, your insights would be invaluable.

Remember, a rejection doesn’t reflect on you as an individual; it’s a decision made by algorithms based on the data at hand. We’re always open to re-evaluating decisions and making improvements where necessary.

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