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What types of cases can an Owner report?

Guide to Reporting Issues with Hub Split Rentals

We understand that despite best intentions, issues can arise during rentals. To streamline the process of reporting any issues you face as an owner, we’ve prepared a list of forms tailored to specific problems. Please make sure to report within 24 hours of your rental end-date for effective resolutions:

1. Item Not Returned (VALUE UNDER $1000):

  • Scenario: Your item, valued below $1000, hasn’t been returned to you by the renter at the agreed time or even 24 hours after the end of the rental period.
  • Action: To report this, click here.

2. Item Not Returned (VALUE OVER $1000):

  • Scenario: Your item, valued above $1000, hasn’t been given back by the renter at the stipulated time or 24 hours post the rental end-date.
  • Action: To bring this to our notice, click here.

3. Item Damaged:

  • Scenario: The item you lent out through Hub Split has come back to you with damage – be it minor or significant.
  • Action: If this has occurred, please click here to report it.

4. Late Return:

  • Scenario: Your item has been returned by the renter, but it wasn’t done at the agreed return time. Instead, it was given back to you after 24 hours from the start date of the rental.
  • Action: To report a late return, kindly click here.

Please Note: Our dedicated Resolutions Team will look into the submitted forms and ensure swift action. It is essential to provide as much detail as possible, including any evidence or communication, to facilitate a fair and efficient resolution process. Your cooperation and understanding are much appreciated.

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