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What types of cases can a Renter report?

Facing an Issue With Your Rental? Let’s Resolve It.

If you encounter a problem during your rental period, it’s vital to bring it to our attention promptly. Kindly report any issues to our Resolutions Team using the appropriate forms below, and ensure you do so within 24 hours of your rental’s conclusion.

We’ve crafted specific forms to address the most common rental challenges:

1. Item Not Received

  • Use this form if you haven’t received the item you booked due to an oversight or error on the Owner’s part. Click here to report

2. Item Not Functioning During Rental

  • If the item isn’t working during your rental, please report it here. However, this form is strictly for issues not caused by the Renter. Click here to report

3. Item Not As Described

  • If the item you received doesn’t match its description on the platform, use this form. Click here to report

For any of the issues listed above, please use the main report form, selecting the relevant category. If your issue doesn’t quite fit these categories, you can choose the ‘other’ option on the form to describe your unique situation.

4. Unable to Return the Item

  • For situations where returning the rented item is impossible due to external circumstances like theft or it being lost during transit. Click here to report

Remember, our goal is to ensure a smooth rental experience for both Owners and Renters. We appreciate your cooperation in promptly reporting any challenges you face, helping us uphold the quality and trustworthiness of our platform.

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