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What are the Renter requirements?

Guidelines for Renters on Hub Split

When participating in a rental exchange on Hub Split, it’s important to follow a few best practices to ensure a smooth experience for both yourself and the owner. Here’s a breakdown of the recommended steps:

1. Take Time-Stamped Photos/Videos of Your Rental Item:

a. Evidence of Condition: Before the start of your rental, take clear and detailed time-stamped photos of the item. This helps to establish the initial condition of the item and can assist in any potential dispute resolutions.

b. Functionality Evidence: For items where a photo won’t adequately capture their working state (e.g., a drone, electronic devices, machinery), it’s advised to take a time-stamped video demonstrating the item’s functionality.

c. Reference: If you’re uncertain about how to take time-stamped photos or videos, please visit our ‘how to take time-stamped evidence’ page for a comprehensive guide.

2. Take Care of the Items You Rent:

a. Treat with Respect: Always handle the rental item with care, treating it as if it were your own.

b. Prevent Damage: Use protective packaging, cases, or pouches if available. Avoid exposing the item to harmful elements or conditions which may cause damage.

c. Research and Knowledge: If you’re renting something you’re not entirely familiar with, spend some time researching its operation. Websites, user manuals, or even YouTube tutorials can be invaluable sources of information. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to communicate with the owner; they can often provide valuable insights or demonstrations on how to use the item safely and effectively.

Remember: The foundation of a thriving rental community like Hub Split is trust and respect. By following these guidelines, you contribute to a positive environment where members can confidently lend and rent items without reservations.

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