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What’s expected of Hosts and their Experiences

To uphold the quality and reputation of Hubsplit, we have established specific guidelines for our Experience Hosts. Ensuring safety, respect, and expertise is at the core of these guidelines.

What Hubsplit Encourages:

  1. Health & Safety: We expect Hosts to strictly follow health and safety regulations and standards.
  2. Food Safety: For Experiences involving food, adherence to strict standards of hygiene and food safety is essential.
  3. Animal Interaction: Only domesticated or farm animals can be directly interacted with. For all other animals, a safe distance is crucial. Hubsplit’s animal welfare guidelines must be followed.
  4. Weapon-related Experiences: Hosts offering experiences with firearms or other weapons must ensure they are in line with local regulations, restricted to participants aged 18 or over, and have necessary permits approved by Hubsplit’s designated authorities.
  5. Adult Themes (Non-Explicit): Certain Experiences can tackle adult themes provided they are not explicit or for arousal, restricted to commercial spaces, and limited to participants aged 18 or over.
  6. Political Activities: These are permissible as long as they remain educational and informative, not drifting into direct political actions like campaigning.

What Hubsplit Prohibits:

  1. Animal Exploitation: Activities involving direct interactions with wild animals, mistreatment of domestic animals, or support for animal-harming events are strictly forbidden.
  2. Explicit Adult Themes: Any Experience that promotes explicit sexual activities or venues like strip clubs are not allowed. Certain themes involving nudity are also restricted in residential settings.
  3. High-Risk Sports: Activities involving extreme conditions, heights, or depths like bungee jumping, free diving, or ice climbing are prohibited.
  4. Neglecting Safety: Any Experience that doesn’t prioritize participant safety will not be tolerated.
  5. Gendered Experiences: Experiences exclusive to one gender are prohibited unless there are valid legal, cultural, privacy, or safe space reasons.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

At Hubsplit, your safety and well-being are paramount. If you encounter or observe any behavior that contradicts our policies, we urge you to report it. We’re here to assist and support our community.

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