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How to become an experienced Owner

To be recognized as a Great Owner, the following criteria must be met:

  • Successfully completing a minimum of 10 rentals within the past year.
  • Answering more than 90% of incoming messages.
  • Accepting at least 75% of rental inquiries.
  • Garnering at least 5 customer reviews.

For an even higher distinction:

  • Finalize 40 or more rentals within the last year.
  • Address over 90% of message inquiries.
  • Grant at least 80% of rental requests.
  • Consistently achieve 5-star reviews in 95% of feedback.

Metrics for response and acceptance are taken from the last three months’ activity.

Here’s a guide to offering unparalleled service:

Boost Your Acceptance Rate:

  • Adjust your listings under ‘My Items’ to mirror the actual availability, preventing the need to decline requests due to unavailability.
  • If you’ll be unresponsive for several days, activate the holiday mode to remove your items from search. Both strategies assist in maintaining a high acceptance rate.

Maintain a High Response Rate:

  • Even if unable to accommodate a rental, courteously inform the renter instead of keeping them waiting, as this will uphold your response rate.

Prioritize Prompt Responses:

  • Aim to reply at the earliest to maintain a low response time.

Deliver Outstanding Service:

  • Strive for consistent 5-star reviews by being a supportive Owner.
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