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Who can have an Hubsplit account

Prioritizing Community Safety

The well-being and protection of our community are paramount to us.

Ensuring that account details are authentic and precise is essential for safeguarding both guests and hosts. Should you observe or encounter actions that contravene our guidelines, we urge you to inform us.

Account Verification Standards

It is our mission to foster confidence in the authenticity of guests and hosts on Hubsplit. Thus, when making a booking or listing a space, we might request confirmation of your details, including legal name, residence, contact number, and other pertinent data.

You might also be required to furnish:

  • Your legal name, residential address, and other personal details. Generally, these are adequate to authenticate your identity.
  • An image of your official government-issued identification, which might be a driver’s license, passport, ID card, or visa. Discover more about acceptable IDs.
  • A personal photo. Alongside your official ID, we might request your picture. If you’re unable to produce a photo resembling your ID, you may reach out for other verification avenues.

All personal identification data is managed in alignment with our Privacy Policy. Dive deeper into the ID verification process.

Prohibited Practices

  • Identity Discrepancies: Accounts must genuinely depict the individual creating them. Information, images, or documentation should align with the creator’s true identity.
  • Minors: Those below 18 years are prohibited from registering on Hubsplit or securing a booking. If partaking in any offering, they must be under adult supervision.
  • Affiliation with Harmful Entities: Members connected to extremist factions, prejudiced assemblies, or organized criminal syndicates are forbidden from holding a Hubsplit account.

Background Assessments (Exclusive to US)

Background evaluations might be carried out on members to trace any criminal convictions. We monitor for specific crimes that could signify an augmented risk to our community, guiding our decisions regarding who might be ineligible to engage with our platform.

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