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Why am I being asked to submit personal information?

Understanding Verification on Hub Split

The rental world is built on trust. At Hub Split, we take this trust very seriously. To ensure the safety and security of our platform, users, and transactions, we may ask you for certain personal information. Here’s why:

1. Social Media Links:

  • Purpose: Social media profiles can help corroborate a person’s identity and ensure they are who they claim to be.
  • Reason: In many cases, a user’s activity and interactions on social media provide a snapshot of their behavior, interests, and authenticity. It aids in building a holistic Trustworthy Score for the user.

2. Verification of Place of Work:

  • Purpose: Knowing your professional background helps further validate your identity and intentions on the platform.
  • Reason: A verified workplace can add another layer of trust, showing that you’re rooted in a professional setting. For those who aren’t currently employed or are freelancers, alternative sources of verification are pursued.

3. Proof of Address:

  • Purpose: To validate that you’re a real person residing at a verifiable address.
  • Reason: A recent proof of address ensures that in the rare case something goes awry, there’s a means of recourse. It’s a standard verification measure used across various sectors to establish trust.

Hub Split’s verification process is designed to ensure that every user feels safe and confident when lending or borrowing items. Your data security is of paramount importance to us. We’re committed to safeguarding the details you provide, ensuring they’re kept securely, and only used for verification and platform-related purposes. Always refer to our Privacy Policy for a comprehensive view of how we handle user data.

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