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Why was my listing paused or suspended?

Hosts on Hubsplit are required to maintain a certain standard to provide guests with a quality experience. If these standards are not met, a host’s listing might be suspended. Here’s a detailed look at what this means for hosts:

Causes for Suspension:

  1. Performance Metrics: Failure to meet the basic requirements in terms of overall rating, response rate, accepted reservations, or cancellations.
  2. Serious Infractions: Major violations of Hubsplit’s terms can lead to immediate suspension.

During Suspension:

  1. Visibility: Suspended listings won’t appear in search results, preventing new bookings.
  2. Existing Reservations: Current bookings remain unaffected unless the host breaches the Terms of Service or fails to offer quality guest experiences.
  3. Feedback Review: While suspended, it’s a good opportunity for hosts to review feedback from past guests and improve. Hosts can view reviews and gain insights on areas of improvement.


  1. Reactivation: After the suspension period, listings might be eligible for reactivation. This is subject to a Hubsplit review. But, hosts should be cautious. If they don’t adhere to requirements, their listing could face suspension again.
  2. Permanent Removal: If a listing is deemed unsuitable for reactivation, it will be permanently removed from Hubsplit.


  1. Grounds for Appeal: Appeals can be filed under limited circumstances. Most appeals revolve around potentially violated guest review policies.
  2. Review Removal: If it’s proven that a negative review violates Hubsplit’s review policies, it might be removed. If this significantly improves the listing’s overall rating, reinstatement of the listing is possible.


To ensure the trust and safety of the Hubsplit community, hosts are encouraged to maintain high standards. Regularly checking feedback, adhering to platform requirements, and providing exceptional experiences can help hosts avoid suspensions. If faced with a suspension, hosts should actively address concerns, potentially appeal, and ensure they meet Hubsplit’s standards moving forward.

Being a host on Hubsplit comes with the responsibility of upholding the platform’s commitment to quality and trustworthiness. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in listing suspensions. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding the suspension process:

1. Causes for Suspension:

  • Performance Metrics: Consistently poor performance in key areas like overall rating, response rate, reservation acceptance, or frequent cancellations can trigger a suspension.
  • Serious Infractions: Flagrant violations of Hubsplit’s terms of service, such as fraudulent activities, can result in an immediate suspension.

2. During Suspension:

  • Visibility: Your listing becomes invisible in search results, meaning potential guests won’t find or book your space.
  • Existing Reservations: Reservations already in place will proceed unless there’s a breach of Hubsplit’s Terms or if the host consistently provides subpar experiences.
  • Feedback Review: This period provides an opportune time to revisit past guest feedback, making necessary amendments to your listing and service.

3. Post-Suspension:

  • Reactivation: After serving the suspension period, you can seek reactivation of your listing. However, Hubsplit will scrutinize your listing and past behaviors. Falling back into old habits can result in subsequent suspensions.
  • Permanent Removal: Listings that continue to flout Hubsplit’s standards or are found unfit for reactivation will be deleted permanently.

4. Appeals:

  • Grounds for Appeal: Only under specific circumstances can an appeal be made, typically when there’s a belief that guest reviews have violated Hubsplit’s policies.
  • Review Removal: Successfully proving that a negative review was unjust or violated policies might lead to its removal. If such deletions substantially uplift a listing’s rating, it might pave the way for reinstatement.

5. Conclusion: To foster a trustworthy and high-quality environment on Hubsplit, it’s crucial for hosts to stay vigilant, adhere to stipulated requirements, and offer top-notch experiences to guests. In case of suspensions, it’s essential to reflect, rectify, and possibly appeal while aligning with Hubsplit’s values and expectations.

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