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Writing relevant and unbiased reviews

We want you to feel confident that the reviews you read on Hubsplit are authentic, trustworthy, and useful. Reviews are only helpful when reviewers accurately recount their experience and provide their honest opinions, whether positive or negative.

At Hubsplit, we prioritize the authenticity and integrity of our reviews to ensure a transparent and honest experience for our community members. Here are the types of reviews and behaviors that we do not tolerate:

  1. Review Manipulation: Coercing or enticing someone into leaving a review, whether by threats or incentives, is unacceptable and undermines the trustworthiness of our platform.
  2. Competitor Reviews: If you’re a direct competitor of a host, it’s unfair to leave negative feedback simply to deter potential guests. Any such reviews, when identified, will be considered malicious and will be removed.
  3. Conflict of Interest: Creating fake reservations with the sole purpose of leaving a positive review or artificially inflating a host’s ratings is misleading and strictly forbidden.
  4. Irrelevant or Biased Reviews: We expect all feedback to be constructive and relevant to the experience. Reviews that appear to be retaliatory, biased, or lack pertinent information can be removed to maintain the integrity of our platform.
  5. Violating Content: Any review content that contravenes our overarching Content Policy will not be allowed. We aim to ensure all content upholds the values and standards of the Hubsplit community.

If you come across any reviews that seem to violate these guidelines, please report them. We rely on our community to help uphold these standards and create a reliable and respectful environment for all Hubsplit members.

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