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Restricted content

At Hubsplit, we strive to maintain a community built on respect, inclusivity, and transparency. With that in mind, we have established clear guidelines regarding the type of content that can be shared on our platform, both online and within hosted spaces.

What we permit:

  1. Pre-disclosed Nude and Sexually Suggestive Content in a Listing: Art, decorative items, or other content that may be considered nude or sexually suggestive is permissible under certain conditions:
    • The content is of an artistic, non-exploitative nature.
    • The stay or Experience is restricted to adults (18 and older).
    • All such content is explicitly mentioned in the listing description to ensure guests are forewarned.

What we prohibit:

  1. Violating Content: All content should be in line with Hubsplit’s Content Policy and Copyright Policy. Anything that contravenes these guidelines will be removed.
  2. Violent or Graphic Content in an Accommodation: While we respect artistic expression, any imagery or content that depicts physical harm should not be displayed in shared spaces unless it holds significant historical or cultural value. It’s paramount that any such content be distinctly described in the listing to prevent misunderstandings.
  3. Violent or Graphic Content in Listing Descriptions: Listing descriptions should not contain images or references that depict physical harm, suffering, or violence.
  4. Sexually Explicit Content on Hubsplit: It’s essential to maintain a respectful environment for all users. Thus, sexually explicit images are not allowed. If a stay or Experience has themes of this nature, they should be described (without explicit detail) in the listing description. Direct photos or representations of this content are not permitted.
  5. Sexually Explicit Language: All communication on Hubsplit, whether verbal or written, should be free from language meant to sexually arouse or that alludes to explicit sexual acts.

We count on our community members to respect and uphold these standards. Our goal is to ensure that every guest and host can engage with the Hubsplit platform comfortably and confidently, knowing their experiences will align with these community values.

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