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Hubsplit’s Content Policy

As a user of Hubsplit, you are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the content you produce aligns with our community guidelines. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Definition of Content: Content on Hubsplit can take various forms, including but not limited to:

  • Written Content: Listings, descriptions, profile info, reviews (both public and private), feedback, community posts, and messages to and from users.
  • Visual & Audio Content: Photographs, videos, and the elements within them (like artwork displayed in a video or photo).

2. Our Authority: We maintain the right to remove, partially or wholly, any content that does not adhere to our standards, Terms of Service, Community Standards, and Reviews Policy. Persistent or severe offenses might lead to suspension or termination of the concerned Hubsplit account.

3. Prohibited Content: Users must refrain from posting:

  • Commercial or advertisement-based content, including branding elements.
  • Spam or disruptive content.
  • Material promoting illegal, harmful, sexually explicit, violent, or harassing activities.
  • Discriminatory content (Refer to our Nondiscrimination Policy).
  • Impersonating content or any content that portrays Hubsplit falsely.
  • Any content that breaches legal regulations or infringes on rights, including IP rights and privacy.
  • Content exposing personal, confidential information or the exact location of a listing.

4. Specific Content Restrictions:

  • Listing Titles: Should be relevant and devoid of emojis or symbols.
  • Listing/Profile Pages: Should be accurate and authentic.
  • Community Center: Stay on-topic. Abstain from harassment or targeting other community members.
  • Reviews: Should conform to our Reviews Policy.
  • COVID-19 Related Content: Users are advised to familiarize themselves with our dedicated guidelines on COVID-19 content.

5. Reporting Violations: If you encounter content that you believe infringes upon our guidelines, there are two ways to bring it to our attention:

  • Use the reporting feature within the app.
  • Reach out to us directly via our contact channels.

Your cooperation helps us maintain a safe, respectful, and authentic community on Hubsplit.

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