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Here is why owners are loving our Short-term rental platform

When it comes to renting your property owners have demanded two things, customer service and getting paid! goes well beyond on that but let’s jump into why owners are rushing to Hubsplit to list their rentals.

We want to help you grow your rental business because it helps us grow ours. has some of the highest on-site rental conversion rates. Everything from customer support right down to web design is setup to attract renters and help them find the property of their dreams, not just any property, YOUR PROPERTY!

We connect renters and owners that is our business. Let’s hop into the key elements as to why you want to list your income space with us.

We have the most competitive pricing for owners in the universe, starting with FREE LISTINGS! You do not need any money to get started nor any money to continue with us.

With we have a super low 3-7% revenue share split. That’s it! that’s our only mandatory fee. We offer larger tier programs for owners too, of course at your option. Percentage Revenue Share Program
Owners are you ready?

How does earn it’s share of the rental income?

Our 3-7% is well earned when we source the the renters, process payments, and provide 24/7 customer support for you and your renter. Hubsplit also provides hosting for our owner accounts and since it’s all in house we do not have the same debt carried by the top companies yet we have access to the same customers.
Rental Owners Fees

Tons of fees? Not us!

Our fee is so low we don't have competition. You get decide what you want to charge the tenant/renter!

What about the extra rental fees for transactions like credit card processing and taxes?

YES! We do process payments for you and that includes credit card payments take safely via Paypal, Amazon and Stripe. The credit card processing fee is not included in the chart above nor are taxes. Taxes are government mandated and fluctuate based on where your location is. Check with your government to find out what taxes are owed, we do our best to cater to as much of the world as possible. Taxes that we must collect will be added in on the check-out page. Beyond tax collection we have credit card processing fees. These will be added at check-out, we do not profit from these and only charge what we get charged. Different processors charge different fees, your renters will get to decide on the method of payment.

Hmm.. okay I'm ready to sign-up but what are the extras we can buy as owners? (optional)

Starter Package

$0.00 for 1 year
  • This plan includes 5 listings
  • Listings are visible for 365 days
  • Booking Module enabled
  • Reviews Module enabled
  • Gallery Module enabled
  • Maximum 3 images in gallery
7.8% commission split with Hub Split Add Listing

Enterprise Package

$99.99 for 1 year with a 30-day free trial
  • This plan includes 100 listings
  • Listings are visible for 365 days
  • Booking Module enabled
  • Reviews Module enabled
  • Social Links Module enabled
  • Opening Hours Module enabled
  • Video option enabled
  • Coupons option enabled
  • Gallery Module enabled
  • Maximum 15 images in gallery

Personalized Assistance from a Dedicated Account Manager

Verification Badge

Free A.I. Marketing

Free Advertisement

Free SEO

Low 5.7% Commission split with Hub Split

  Add Listing

As you can see you can start for FREE, in fact you don’t have to ever change the plan and can remain on the free plan forever. However some of the users want more options. This includes ID verification, non ad support, triple threat verification, video posting, large image files, live chat, faster payments, featured listings are just a few things offered.

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