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What is and why we are a game changer for the renting world!

In a world filled with ZILLOWs, VRBOs, AIRBNBs and everything between stands Determined to separate ourselves from the herd in the rental industry we have have succeeded where others are currently failing. We listened to the customers and really took a direct approach in solving some the problems plaguing these other real estate companies. One of the most simple problems within the rental industry are high fees! Well we say, NO MORE TO THAT! has the best pricing for users compared to any other site. Whether you’re renting office space or a vacation spot on the beach our fees are static and do not change. Or course websites like VRBO offer free listings but is it really free? Not really, when you break down the check-out process you get slammed with booking fees, cleaning fees, scheduling fees, hosting fees, service fees and more. I mean just look at this two day rental from one of the largest in the business, and this is not an outlier this is across the board.

NO More High Rental Fees

So how is changing the industry to better the customer experience?

Well we need to first identify that the renter and the landlord are our customers. So for this reason we need to be looking out for everyone and we are doing that by static pricing. Static pricing isn’t anything new, just most companies don’t like locking themselves in to such a price structure. Our static pricing tables allow landlords to rent out their hub per a listing. You can list 2 hubs for free! or if you have bulk rental listings you can more up to our higher tier plans. They are the most affordable in the industry as you can see here.

Starter Package

$0.00 for 1 year
  • This plan includes 5 listings
  • Listings are visible for 365 days
  • Booking Module enabled
  • Reviews Module enabled
  • Gallery Module enabled
  • Maximum 3 images in gallery
7.8% commission split with Hub Split Add Listing

Enterprise Package

$99.99 for 1 year with a 30-day free trial
  • This plan includes 100 listings
  • Listings are visible for 365 days
  • Booking Module enabled
  • Reviews Module enabled
  • Social Links Module enabled
  • Opening Hours Module enabled
  • Video option enabled
  • Coupons option enabled
  • Gallery Module enabled
  • Maximum 15 images in gallery

Personalized Assistance from a Dedicated Account Manager

Verification Badge

Free A.I. Marketing

Free Advertisement

Free SEO

Low 5.7% Commission split with Hub Split

  Add Listing

Okay so we beat the rental industry on listing prices, what else do your offer?

“Money isn’t everything” that’s a motto many of these short-term rental agencies seem to forget. Whether you choose our free rental listing program or our enterprise level listings we are here for you. We offer amazing 24/7 rental support for landlords and renters. On the bottom of our website you will see ling to frequently asked questions, knowledge base, chat support and phone support. Rest assure you are in great hands and provided the knowledge to rent out and rent in properties knowing we got your back.

Well alright, you have the best rental pricing, the best listing price tables and 24/7 rental support. How do I know my rental hub is secure?

Not to get too nerdy here but since you asked you should know that our site is protected by SSL encryption. When data such as renter information and payment information is sent between servers we use up to a 256-bit encryption with domain validation. We have on staff web security protecting our US servers 24/7. Whether your renting a hub out or renting a hub for yourself we verify every owner with a triple secure validation. We validate e-mail addresses, contact number, and rental identification (state Ids and Licenses). knows you will love our short-term rental service, browse our hubs and find the one you love and get started today.

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