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Why is Hubsplit for renters and guests?

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Who are we? focuses on both the guest/renters and the rental owners. This keeps our service equitable to everyone. If you are a renter/guest and reading this then you are probably wondering what the benefits of using the rental platforms are. Let’s dive right into it.

As a renter you will find our renters platform intuitive and easy to use. Like most large rental companies the customer experience is important. At we have designed out site to flow like warm water. You can easily search out Hubs by zipcode, county, address and more including categories and keywords. Through this the user experience is greatly increased in narrowing down the perfect HUB.

Which rental spaces can I expect to find on Hubsplit?

Using keyword rental searches means you can find practically any Hub. Since you can find a variety of rental spaces through our network, it will come down to your imagination. If you were looking to rent a closet to store clothes or a garage rental to store your car or even a farm to grow your own produce, YOU CAN! There is no limit to what you can rent, if someone owns it and wants to rent it they now can!

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With you are saving up to 250%

So how does Hubsplit handle security and safety of rentals?

We offer great security and safety in terms of owner verification. You can list on without ID verification but we separate these owners by verification badges. Why don’t we verify everyone? We offer ID verification to all owners, truthfully we would like to have everyone on board with this. The reason we don’t mandate it is we allow NEW owners the ability to sign up and try our platform for free without any listing fees and then decide if this is rental program that fits their needs. At that time we offer ID verification. We do however verify e-mail and sms contact info on everyone. For owners who are serious and are here for longevity will be identify by badges, SMS, E-MAIL, ID Verified and CC verified. You as a renter can also use reviews as an indicator. In order for reviews to be posted a verified purchase of the rental has to be made.

Okay so we know it’s safety & security verified and priced fairly but how do I get started?

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What are the costs to renters to use and how does that differ from other rental agency’s?

The costs are simple, Hubsplit does not charge booking fees, cleaning fees, late fees, cancellation fees, you know what it’s easier to just tell you what we do charge for. We don’t charge you any fees to book a rental! Truth is the owner covers this expense, we charge between 3-7% and that’s it. Those fees go to covering our staff, sales support team, customer support team and web security & hosting. Now that this does not mean there won’t ever be other renting fees upon check-out. Owners can offer add-ons such as cleaning service, tourism services, krafts services and more. These will be optional to you as a renter. Hubsplit just gets a small slice of the pie and that’s. This is how we are differ then other open space rentals. our competitors nickel and dime you to the extreme, don believe us? Go right now to VRBO or Air BNB and see the price an owner wants for a 2 day stay somewhere, if the owner wants $150 a day you can expect that the bill you pay will be near double that price. Now go to one of out listings, add it to checkout and watch in amazement as the advertised price is what you get. (Plus rental taxes mandated by the government)

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