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Representing yourself authentically

Account Integrity Guidelines on Hubsplit

Accurate and genuine account information is essential in fostering a trust-based environment amongst Hubsplit, Hosts, and guests.

What’s Allowed:

  1. Duplicate Accounts for Inventory Management: Hosts with a large portfolio can maintain multiple accounts solely for effectively handling their listings.
  2. Date-of-Birth Corrections: If your DOB on the account is incorrect, you can align it with your government ID by reaching out to us. Mistakes can arise from manual errors, format confusions, etc.

What’s Not Permitted:

  1. Invalid IDs: We do not accept IDs that are:
    • Damaged
    • Expired
    • Fake or altered
    • Non-government issued (when specified)
    • Lacking essential details
    • Temporary in nature
  2. Unauthenticated Accounts: When discussing account-related matters with a Hubsplit representative, you need to authenticate your identity.
  3. Multiple Accounts (except for specified Hosts): Generally, users should not have more than one account, nor should they use a single ID on multiple accounts, except for some professional Hosts managing large inventories.
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